Fun drills for quicker bat


Difficulty Level: Easy

Setup: You’ll need a stopwatch, a bat, and a partner.

Execution: With your partner holding the stopwatch, get into your stance, and swing the bat as fast as you can.

As soon as you begin your first swing, your partner will start the stopwatch, and will wait until you’ve rewound and swung five times to stop it again.

Record the time, and then on your next set, try to be faster than the last time.

Coaching Tips: Since we’re just focusing on bat speed here, you don’t need to explode off your back foot on each swing.

Just swing forward, rewind your swing back to its original position, and swing forward again.



Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Setup: For this drill to work best, you’ll need a partner to compete against, as well as a third person.

You’ll also need two tees, two balls, and two bats.

Execution: This is a really fun competitive drill. Line the tees up with enough distance in between them that you can both swing at the same time safely.

Get into stance at the tee, and on the command of the third person, you will both swing, racing to see who can connect their bat with the ball first.

Coaching Tips: If you’ve got multiple players this drill is great because you can play it as a king of the hill type scenario, with the winner of each race staying on for the next challenger.



Difficulty Level: Advanced

Setup: You’ll need a partner, a couple baseballs, and a bat.

Execution: Get into batting stance at the plate, with your partner either off to the side for a soft toss, or behind the pitcher’s screen in front.

Now you’re going to close your eyes, and your partner is going to throw the ball.

Right after your partner throws the ball, he’ll yell out “ball!” and you will then open your eyes, locate the ball, swing through and make contact.

Repeat ten times to complete a set.

Coaching Tips: Make sure to vary up the ball locations so that the batter can’t just lock in on one area over the plate.

Also, play around with the timing of when you call out “ball!” to make it easier or more difficult on the batter.