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Issue No.  177 July 22, 2014
Softball Education
Dear Big,Welcome to the mid-summer edition of the Softball Excellence Insider, and for our friends “down under,” welcome to the mid-winter edition.  We appreciate that no matter where you are, softball is a constant in your life!   This time of year in the northern hemisphere, many of you are attending national tournaments. In other words, it’s winning time.  In this issue I talk about softball strategy and tactics, and how you can utilize great offensive and defensive strategy to win a national championship. In this issue I also discuss a somewhat touchy topic – the value of lessons. I give lessons, so I see first-hand how helpful they can be, but also how detrimental they can be. Read more to find out 4 reasons why lessons aren’t always the answer. This issue also includes a Quick Tip, Favorite Quote, Did You Know, the upcoming NPF broadcast schedule, and a super discount on our eClinic Offensive Strategy – Details for Scoring Runs.Greetings, where ever you are!Cindy
Player’s Page4 Reasons Why Lessons Aren’t Always the Answer  There’s probably a good chance you’re either taking lessons now, or you have at some point. It seems like everybody wants lesson, but are they helpful? Discover 4 reasons why I don’t think they’re always helpful.   It’s a pretty shocking thing for me to say I don’t think lessons are always helpful – especially since I give lessons. Read on to see my 4 reasons why I don’t think lessons are always the answer.READ MORE
Coaches CornerPart 1: 5 Keys to Successful Softball Strategy While most of the softball season is about showcases and getting your players “seen,” the national are about winning. Strategy in a showcase is limited, but are you ready to utilize great strategy in pursuit of an upcoming championship?   While both offensive & defensive strategy can get pretty complicated if you let it, there really are 5 basic tenets of strategy that will take you a very long way, and win you a lot of games. We will cover the first 2 keys to successful softball strategy in this newsletter, and the final 3 keys in our next newsletter.READ MORE
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Players Page – 4 Reasons Why Lessons aren’t Always the Answer
Coaches Corner – Part 1: 5 Keys to Successful Softball Strategy
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Quick Tip – HITTINGYou can push something far more powerfully than you can pull it, so get your hands in front of your body when hitting a ball instead of turning your body and dragging your hands through the zone.
Did You Know?In adolescents, the part of their brain that controls the ability to take another person’s perspective into account is still developing. If you have teenagers, this won’t be a surprise to you.
Favorite Quotes“Your role as a coach is to transfer knowledge to your players so they can use it in a game and to wean them from needing you at all.”Cindy Bristow