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First Aid & Safety Center

Baseball is definitely a contact sport.

According to some reports, it’s the most dangerous of youth sports. Contusions, concussions, projectile injuries, collisions. Balls can be dangerous, so can bats, bases, and players – especially around the bases, and on pop-ups. The catcher is the only player well protected most of the time, and even he gets injured. In other words, we consider this one of the most important centers on WebBall. And remind you: that the best protection against injury is proper training: conditioning so the body can recover quickly, and good instruction so injuries can be avoided. 

Understanding Injuries

What began as a response to some Q & A’s which we couldn’t answer without research, is evolving into new and growing feature with animated content and detailed information. Our thanks to Primal Pitcures for exclusive permission to post their Sports Injury Series information on the web.

Safe at Home, the Dugout, the Field

This article is a defensive game plan by Dick Borkowski for lowering the chance of injury to the 4.8 million young people between the ages of 5-14, who play baseball.  About 90,000 of these young people require visits to hospitals each year.

Injury risks & safety tips

This section begins with a message for our Head Coach and is followed by  a combination of tips to deal with injuries and some fairly disturbing numbers about the risks of baseball. Theer are also guest articles – the equivalent of a ‘Cioaches Corner’ on safety issues from authors who may be involved in baseball but who aklso have credentials in the health & safety industry.

Safety-Related Products

Some important safety products, such as proper certified helmets and face guards are available from many sources outside WebBall. Here we list a few items which may not be as commonly available.